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Project Description

Evo is easy to use and extend library for evolutionary computation. It contains either traditional evolutionary algorithms and more complicated, modern genetic/evolutionary algorithms and operators.
Implemented in C#.

What is inside?

Currently there are implemented algorithms and operators as follows:
  • Standard scheme of evolutionary algorithm
  • Autoadaptive Genetic Algorithm (AGA), based on Liang Zhang, Ling Wang, Da-Zhong Zheng, An adaptive genetic algorithm with multiple operators for flowshop scheduling, Springer-Verlag London Limited 2005 work
  • Second autoadaptive evolutionary algorithm, based on ideas of autoadapation by outer evolutionary algorithm and island model
  • Selection and replacement operators
    • Block selection and replacement
    • Roulette selection and replacement
    • Tournament selection and replacement
  • Crossover operators
    • CX (Cycle Crossover)
    • LOX (Linear Order Crossover)
    • OX (Order Crossover)
    • PMX (Partial-Mapped Crossover)
    • CX (Cycle Crossover)
    • One point crossover
    • Two point crossover
  • Mutation operators
    • Insertion mutation
    • Inverse mutation
    • Inversion mutation
    • Local transposition mutation
    • Complement mutation
    • Square complement mutation
    • Uniform mutation

Contribution and feedback

If you would like to have some contribution to this project, do not hesitate to contact us. You are invited to discuss on Discussions board and create issues.


  • Marcin Krupowicz, PL
  • Barbara Szymanek, PL

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